Sorting waste? Child’s play! – Part 1.

The idea of reusing waste is old as humanity. Sorting waste is the task of community services but also the task of the residents. Reducing the amount of our waste is the interest of everyone. If we consider it as an opportunity instead of an obligation, the whole family can be involved in the process.
Downtown Community Centre pays special attention to environmental protection and we encourage our guests – families and children – to do the same. We intend to use and buy things that we consider environmentally-friendly, for example the glass of Super Juice that you can buy in our Café is made out of a 100% reusable material.
Our office, Forest Tale Daycare and our Café sorts waste and collects it in separate bins (paper, plastic and communal waste). You find separate bins for your waste under the changing table of our Café. The waste that is produced in Forest Tale Daycare is sorted with the involvement of the visiting children. We find it important to draw the attention of the children to the fact that we can do a lot in order to protect our environment, we only have to be a bit conscious and make a few efforts. The regular visitors already know that the small lids of the fruit squeeze packs are collected separately (in the bin of plastic), and we collect paper waste to another bin. We also like reusing objects, for example, we play with the bigger, colourful lids to practice colours, pairing, or sorting to base seriality.
Next month we will share new ideas about sorting and recycling.

Rita Kőszegi,
Forest Tale Daycare

This article is translated by Anita Nagy.
Click here for the Hungarian version.