Welcome on the website of Downtown Community Center

Every citizen living downtown is part of the community here. We aim to strengthen this relationship with our services and programs.

The new vision of the Downtown Community Center offers a unique system of services in the downtown that creates a community center for the citizens of the 5th district. Our regular programs and services are free of charge for a wide range of target audience, like couples expecting a baby, parents with kids, young adults and elder people, and also highly educated jobseekers.

Our aim is to create a home-like environment for downtown citizens. To achieve this we offer our services and programs free of charge and we wish to bring you entertainment but also help in terms of raising children, family life, job seeking and easing senior loneliness. We feel the need to build bridges between generations, this is why we welcome everybody in the Downtown Community Center, from the youngest children to the elder people.

If you want to be part of our community, come to our programs, try the services free of charge and visit our social networking site in order to receive information about the current dates and details of our programs:


I hope that you will like our high quality and diverse programs and services, and we will see each other on our events.

The English language webpage will be shortly available; thank you for your patience.

For English language information about our programs and events, please call our event assistant, Szabó Anita (+36 30 7277893)