“Ficánkoló” Coordination Improving Exercises from Kati Kárpáti – Balance Exercises 7.

Dear Little and Very Little Ones! Finally, we are allowed to go outside! Of course, we can walk, run, play in the fresh air following the rules, but we still spend most of our time at home.

This time I collected some game ideas that you can do at home but also in nature, at a safe place. They will be fun and naturally very useful.

We will mime the movements of the animals.

First, the snake will slither. Lie on your back, have straight legs, and straight arms over the head, next to your ears. Turn to your belly and then back to your back. Start the movement with your legs.
The little snake can accept a little (?) help too.
Pay attention to have both of the arms over your head all the time, to avoid accidents of the shoulders! It might help to hold a plush toy with two hands.

Then we choose to be lizards. Mostly because it is quite common that children are in a hurry and they skip crawling during the development of their movements.
The lizard lies on its belly and it doesn’t lift either the belly nor the head up.
Hold out with the right hand, bend your left leg, and push yourself forward. Then hold out with the left hand and push yourself with the right leg. I recommend having a goal, an object that the lizard can reach, and play a bit while resting.

In case this exercise is well-practiced and it is going great – but only in this case – the lizard can hold its head in the air and support the body with the forearms. The hip and the belly stays on the floor. The lizard can move slowly or fast as well. Pay attention to keep the coordination: right hand moves with the left leg and reverse.

I wish you a pleasant and joyful time! 🙂

Kati Kárpáti

This article is translated by Anita Nagy.
Click here for the Hungarian version.