Sustainability in the café of the Downtown Community Center

This month is about sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint in the Downtown Community Center. We organize events, presentations and conversations around this topic but our institution tries to preserve the health of our planet on a daily basis, as well.

As for the offers of our café we try to pay attention to sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. How do we do this?

Our colleagues purchase the goods personally from shops nearby and they walk to these shops. If possible, we prefer goods made or grown in the country.
We support the local economy by buying things from small enterprises. The delivery doesn’t take long within the country (or the city), so we need less petrol, and this has a positive effect on the air pollution. However, in the case of goods that are imported from abroad the transportation on land, by air or by shipping will have a bigger negative effect. We also know that preservatives are used to make fruit, vegetables and meat transportable and during the cooling process several pollutants get into the environment.

In the café we pay attention to seasonal offers and the usage of natural ingredients. We put meat only into some of our food, we prefer to use vegetable goods as opposed to animal source food.
We don’t have plastic bottles, but you can fill your own water bottles with fresh, filtered water whenever you want.

Last but not least we also try to set an example in waste management. We use as little wrapping paper as possible and of course we choose the environment-friendly version of it. Instead of nylon bags we use recycled paper bags if needed, since we would like to reduce the usage of wrapping materials. We rarely use paper cups; we encourage our guests to have a coffee here. We collect the waste selectively and encourage you to do the same.

Try our fresh bakery goods, sandwiches and coffee which are made here.
We hope that our example will help you to believe that even small steps count and with these little actions we all can do something for our planet.

This article is translated by Emese Murin.
Click here for the Hungarian version.