Stay active within your four walls

Large movements do not only give a base for the fine motoric movements but also stimulate neurological functions. Through moving, children get to know their own body, their dimensions and limits, thus they learn to orientate. In this article we recommend you some games to get moving at home.

Running is quite hard to carry out in most of the apartments, but anyone can practice walking. Kids love these games because they can pretend to be animals. They can walk slowly on the outer side of the feet like bears, or jump around like bunnies. They can be dogs on all fours, or monkeys keeping their knees in the air whilst having their palms and feet on the ground. They can also imitate lame foxes jumping around with two palms and only one foot on the ground.
If animals seem to be boring, they can imitate other roles as well, for example, crawl like soldiers, walk on tiptoes like ballet-dancers, on knees like elves, or they can become robots or airplanes in their imagination. There are infinite options, be creative to try out the most possible.
This game can become a bit more challenging if you make it more structured – placing bowls or tapes on the ground that shows a road to follow. You can also play by adding direction-changes, for example, the children have to go backward, or stop and change direction each time when you clap.

In case you have a bigger room or corridor, you can play the iceprince(ss) game. Choose a long field – it is important that the two ends are visible from one to another. At the end of the field, a guard looks for the treasure (e.g. a plush toy), showing its back to the field – (s)he will be the iceprince(ss). The player starts from the other side of the field, but (s)he is allowed to move only when the iceprice(ss) is not looking in his/her direction. In case (s)he turns to the player, (s)he has to freeze immediately. The aim is to get the treasure and take it back to the starting point.

You can also make an obstacle course at home using only ordinary objects. Place books, pillows on the ground to by-pass, a broomstick to step over, a small table to crawl under, and so on. Let the kids crawl up on the couch too. It is good to involve the children in the creation of the course, to let their creativity improve. Target-shooting is also a great idea, it can be part of the obstacle course but it’s an exciting game separately as well. Place a bucket or a massive pot on the ground and the children can throw plush toys/socks/paper balls/table tennis balls in it from growing distances.

If you would like more simple games that do not require lots of effort and let you rest in the meantime, do not overthink, very simple ideas are the best ones. You can just blow up a balloon and give it to the children. Ask them to try to keep it in the air for as long as possible. They can use only their pointer finger or their feet – sitting on the ground or even try it without touches, only blowing it upward with their mouths.

It is also fun to play colour shark game. The player asks the question: “Colour shark, Colour shark, which colour do you fancy?” that the parent or another child answers. The task is to find an object of the same colour as quickly as possible. Regarding the maturity level of the child, you can make it more challenging asking for shapes, materials, or initial letters of the objects instead of colours.

Dancing is also a simple but fun activity. Choose lively music and dance, jump, move when it is on. When it stops, everyone has to freeze. We recommend stopping the music for 2-3 seconds every 10-15 seconds. Slow songs are exciting to try too as they require really different movements.

These games are easy to vary to your own taste and limits. Try to involve the children in the planning and find out together how the games will be the best.

We wish you a pleasant active time! 🙂

Bettina Varga,
Forest Tale Daycare

This article is translated by Anita Nagy.
Click here for the Hungarian version.