Some specialties from backstage

You might be wandering how we in the Forest Tale Daycare choose topics for our articles and videos. Now I am ready to tell you some thoughts about this and let you see the aspects we consider and the way we work in the online space.

First of all when we write an article for the website of the Downtown Community Center or somewhere else we usually try to choose topics that families, who visit the Forest Tale Daycare, are concerned with or interested in, which are in connection with their actual everyday lives. For example working from home and having a little kid around, supporting individual playing, quality time and playing at home, potty training – these tasks might be easier to achieve now or families have more time to get absorbed in such bigger topics. Apart from these we also write about topics that we consider very important professionally and in terms of the whole society, like recycling, environmental protection, sustainability. Our goal is to offer our best knowledge to be able to support you, adults and children, who read and watch our contents.

Finally let’s have a look at the aspects we consider when looking for topics for a video. The activity always should be valid in terms of pedagogy and psychology and it also should fit to the age group, which are kids aged 2 – 5 years. This means that the tale should not be longer than 2-4 minutes, and the language shall be easily understandable. Sometimes we work with tales that are known by the kids; but it is also important that tales should be suitable for puppet theatre or various other activities or games you can try at home, too. We often choose tales about animals, they are easy to understand and suitable for the developmental stage of this age group. We also like to tell our favorite stories from our childhood or all-time favorites based on our professional experiences.

We always write, talk and tell tales about topics we can connect to, which are our specialty or have priority.

Sára Fábián – Forest Tale Daycare

You can watch our activities, tales and game ideas on the YouTube channel of the Downtown Community Center; our articles can be found on the website by clicking on “Professional articles”.

This article is translated by Emese Murin.
Click here for the Hungarian version.