Interview with Brahmi Lynda, the new professional leader of our institute

Anikó Papp-Huszár is saying goodbye to Downtown Community Centre since shortly she will have a baby. She gives her place to Lynda Brahmi who will be the new professional leader of our institute.  Please welcome the interview we made with her.

When did you choose your profession as a psychologist?

I always liked dealing with people, many friends and strangers have shared their confidential thoughts with me. It was obvious to me that I wanted to continue my studies in this field. I was a good listener, I was interested in the happenings of others’ lives, and I could give the active focus that others needed. I had a smaller curve in my life, for a year I was studying to become a travel guide. Then I went to the University of Debrecen and I graduated as a work and organisational psychologist.

You have mostly dealt with organisations and companies, how did you get connected to children?

I always desired a profession where I can get close to children so I became a volunteer of an organisation that cares for children with diseases. For 6 years, I took part in the everyday tasks and of camp organisation, then I shared my experiences with the volunteers, and eventually, I became the coordinating director of the programmes. These few years were really important for me, I learned a lot from the children, and in the meantime, I took some training courses in skill development.

As far as I know, you know Anikó Papp-Huszár for a long time and she gives her “first child”, as she referred to the institute to you with tranquillity and confidence.

Anikó was a volunteer at the same organisation where I was. That’s where I met her. She gave me a call when she found out about her pregnancy and asked me whether I was interested in taking her position and strengthen the team of Downtown Community Centre. I am very pleased about the confidence I got and about the opportunity of trying myself out in a new environment. I would like to take the special profession towards that Anikó and colleagues have built up in the last 5 years. I will take time to get to know the downtown families to let them know that they can count on me. This applies to my colleagues as well who have put so much effort and energy to make this institute a real base and a community. I have many innovative ideas too but of course, I will make sure that they fit in with the current approach of the institute.

How do you rest, what does Lynda do when she is not working?

I adopted a rescued fog from an animal shelter who is really active, so we spend a lot of time in nature, we go hiking and participate in dog events. Besides this I love doing arts&crafts, I enjoy it when the objects around me are made by my hands. I have tried various techniques and tools. Non-governmental organisations are also close to my heart, in my free time I like helping them in programme planning. Currently, I am taking part in another professional training to learn more about the roles of people at organisations that I am really interested in.

Thank you for the interview! We are happy that you are part of the Downtown Community Centre team!

This article is translated by Anita Nagy.
Click here for the Hungarian version.